Five Reasons Why Dairy Farmers are Amazing

During your weekly grocery shopping trip, have you ever stopped to think about all the hard work that it takes to get those delicious foods on the shelf? Unfortunately, many people don’t! Without farmers, many of those food wouldn’t be available to us. And, without dairy farmers, we wouldn’t have cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and of course, milk! We think that is amazing. Here are five more reasons we think dairy farmers are amazing.

1.     They have a passion for animals.

Taking care of one animal can be time-consuming and energy draining, but what about 75 or more dairy cows? Every day, dairy farmers’ top priority is to make sure their cows are comfortable, healthy, well-fed and content. What a job!

2.     They help produce food that everyone loves.

Without dairy farmers, imagine how bland food would be! Cheese, butter and ice cream are all delicious thanks to dairy farmers (and cows!). The next time you slurp a milkshake, pour melted butter over popcorn or slice fresh cheese, remember that a dairy farmer helped to bring you that tasty experience!  

3.     They understand teamwork.

Dairy farms are family businesses. It takes generations to run a farm, and from grandpa to great-granddaughter, most dairy farms are made-up of family members. Each person in the family specializes in their farm responsibilities, but rely on and trust each other in order to get things done effectively and efficiently. 

4.     Their work is not just work – it’s their entire life.

Farming is far from a punch-in-punch-out type of job. Some farmers begin their day at 3:30 a.m., and if one of their cows needs something in the middle of the night, they’ll be there to accommodate her. And, days off are few and far between for dairy farmers – someone has to be on the farm 24/7 to take care of and milk the cows! 

5.     They’re skilled in doing physical labor, critical thinking, business and much more.

When most people think of dairy farmers, the first image that pops into their mind is a man in overalls, with a pitchfork and a piece of wheat in his mouth. It’s time to banish that image. Today’s dairy farmers are businessmen and women, board members, veterinarians, mechanics, agronomists and more. Not only do dairy farmers need to offer consistent care to their animals, but they also have to manage all the aspects of a successful farm and business.

So, here’s a big thank you to all those dairy farmers out there because they are truly amazing!