A Dairy Farmer’s Christmas List

Ho, ho, ho! Santa is getting ready to visit Pennsylvania. Letters began pouring in at the North Pole months ago from kids asking for Hatchimals, Hot Wheels and Barbie dream houses. While dairy farmers enjoy gifts, there are more practical wishes on their lists! Here are a few things a dairy farmer would enjoy this year.

Cow that Don’t Kick  

Some cows can be ornery, and they show that through kicks and head butts. When you’re trying to milk them or give them medical attention, a swift kick of a cow hoof to your body is a hazard. Imagine the ease of working with bovines if they didn’t kick or head butt!

For People to Know that Eggs are not Dairy

If you look at a list of dairy foods, eggs are not one of them. Somehow, people have gotten this mixed up. Eggs come from chickens – chickens are poultry. The exception: eggnog.

Weather Predictions that are Actually Right

Dairy farmers live by the weather, especially during cropping season. Wouldn’t it be nice if the forecast was always 100 percent accurate? Then, they could cut hay or begin chopping corn without worrying that the “mostly sunny” forecast was actually going to be “rain.”

Barns that Clean Themselves

It’s no secret that cows poop. A lot. (link to poo blog). A typical dairy farmer’s day is spent dealing with and managing poop. Think about all the free time they’d have if the barns cleaned themselves!

For Milk Alternatives to be Renamed to Juice

We’re looking at you: almond, soy, coconut and hemp juice. Milk comes from mammals, not from beans or plants. Let’s keep the name “milk” for actual milk.                                                                                      

Equipment that Doesn’t Break

Ask any dairy farmer about equipment and you’ll get a story about how something broke at a critical moment like their daughter’s dance recital, their kid’s parent teacher conference or on Christmas morning. It seems like there is always a piece of equipment waiting to ruin a big event.

Boots that Stay Dry

A dairy farmer’s boots are a critical piece of clothing. Since chores don’t do themselves even when it rains, dairy farmers’ feet can get pretty wet (and cold!). Imagine a pair of boots that stay dry and warm – especially in sub-zero temperatures!

These are some big wishes on the dairy farmer’s list – let’s see if Santa can make it happen!