How to Thank a Farmer This Holiday Season

Giant feasts and decadent desserts, family and friends, full bellies and messy kitchens – ah, the holiday season is here! For most, this time of year is a time to celebrate and have fun. Does it get any better than that?

For dairy farmers, the holidays are a little bit different. Dairy farmers make sure their cows are comfortable year-round, and the holidays are no exception. While dairy farmers make time to eat turkey, drink eggnog and be merry with their loved ones, their cows still require daily care – even on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Dairy farmers appreciate knowing you enjoy the milk and dairy foods they produce – 365 days a year. If you’re feeling thankful for your delicious holiday meals, remember the ones who made it possible. Here are a few ways you can support your local dairy farmers.

  1. Make dairy a part of your holiday celebration.

Add a few dairy dishes to your meal plan this holiday season. You can also pick up an extra gallon of milk to drink with all of the delicious holiday cookies!

  1. Donate dairy items to your local food bank.

Dairy is the most-needed, yet least-donated, item given to food banks. Consider dropping off dairy foods such as cheese or powdered milk at your local food bank. You can also donate to #FillAGlassWithHope, which gives eight servings of fresh milk for every $1 donated.

  1. Give the gift of dairy.

Wrapping up a milkshake is not exactly what we mean here. Instead, wrap up moo-lah for a milkshake at the 2017 PA Farm Show. Visit our online store to give the gift of dairy and support farmers. Remember: $1 from every sale goes toward #FillAGlassWithHope!

  1. Create a thank you video to post online.

Organize a class trip to a dairy farm and video the hard work dairy farmers put into our meals and the love they have for their cows. Remind your friends and family to say thank you to dairy farmers this season by sharing the video online.

  1. Create a care package for your dairy farmer neighbor.

Say thank you to your dairy farmers neighbors by putting a care package together and delivering it to the farmhouse. Make some cookies or other treats using real butter and wrap it up in a festive package. Include a thank you note to the farm family for the work they do to produce dairy foods and the care they give their cows.

What would the holidays be without milk and dairy foods? Can you imagine cookies without milk? Macaroni without cheese? Bread without butter? Join us in thanking dairy farmers this season for producing milk for us to enjoy throughout the holidays.